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  1. Aaron

    Download DayZ Gamemode 14.0

    DayZ San Andreas 14.0 released in 2018 (tested on 0.3.7 SA:MP; recommended) DayZ SA:MP 14.0 is an updated version. Gameplay for 14.0: N/A Download: 14.0 DayZ Complete Rar File
  2. Aaron

    Download DayZ Gamemode 6.0

    DayZ San Andreas 6.0 released in 2015 (outdated; not recommended) DayZ SA:MP 6.0 is an outdated version, but if you are an experienced scripter/programmer for PAWN you will understand and get it updated to the latest SA:MP version. Gameplay for 6.0: N/A Download: 6.0 DayZ Complete Rar File
  3. Aaron

    Download DayZ Gamemode 5.0

    DayZ San Andreas 5.0 released in 2013 (outdated; not recommended) DayZ SA:MP 5.0 is an outdated version, but if you are an experienced scripter/programmer for PAWN you will understand and get it updated to the latest SA:MP version. Gameplay for 5.0: Download: 5.0 DayZ Complete Rar File
  4. Aaron

    Game Server cancellation

    Hi, I am here to inform all members that Pro Gaming Arena game services will be shutdown as of July 23rd, 2019. The reason behind this is my life is about to get alot busy and to be honest Zombie Mode was dying long ago; I dragged it on, but it still did not go the way it wanted; some may say...
  5. Aaron


    b0.82 - x5 Everything enabled - Added Two New Maps ZM_Origin ZM_ChinatownRush - Minor Fixes
  6. Aaron


    b0.81 - HUD Replacements from (b0.53) - Old Nemesis skin is back! :) - New more efficient Random Zombie Selection! (Completely re-done) - Color Changes to name tags - Camouflage Zombie Removed - Updated /rules (completely changed format) - Weapon Shop re-arrangement and more player friendly. -...
  7. Aaron


    b0.80 - b0.79 canceled - Removed Level requirement weapon actions (such as move and shoot) - Firewall Fixes/Proxy Fixes to allow players that are innocent connecting - Bug Fixes.
  8. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

    ALPHA b0.79 - HUD Changes - PowerBar Added (once your ability is ready again it's full to indicate you to use again - Normal GTA SA run style; expect zombies have a faster run style - The health system is COMPLETELY changed. It's more realistic and now we have armour included! - Class HP...
  9. Aaron

    Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse

    Dear Members, I've have been secretly working on a my previous attempt to re-make a popular SA:MP server Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse. I have completed it and I hope this does some popularity for our community! We're on hosted tab and the server is live as of right now! IP:
  10. Aaron

    ZM Officially... ?

    Is ZM officially dead? I've been updating the server and even on hosted tab. People are just not interested in ZM anymore. I'm about to officially claim it dead..
  11. Aaron


    b0.78 - Zombies now have knives. - Changed to 3D text above player names. - Added map ZM_OfficeTrade by Trice (Old Map Name: ZM_TradePT1) - Minor Changes to the System - Map ID's removed...
  12. Aaron


    b0.77 - Fixed Anti-SpawnKill Bug/Added After 4 warnings will respawn the human. - Fixed Command typos. - Meat Drops should not longer give anything below zero value. - Level 36+ can move and shoot with weapons now. - Player now auto spawns after logging in. - Other/Minor Bug Fixes
  13. Aaron

    Zombie Mode New IP (

    Hi, Zombie Mode has been transferred due to old host closing down. We have transferred over a powerful VPS that will host the server. We don't have hosted tab unforunately and will find a plan to get one in the future. With a VPS we have options to have more SA:MP servers or other gameservers...
  14. Aaron

    In transtition. (EDIT: COMPLETE)

    Hi, Our current host provider is shutting down. We are in transtiton into a new host or VPS. Downside to the VPS is we won't have hosted tab, but it will save money. I'm still debating this and I will let you all know. I apprecaiate your patience. It's unfortunate news for the host.
  15. Aaron


    b0.76 - Anti Spawn Kill (If human shoots zombie in range 3.5 meters away from spawn will result in shooter getting a warning) - Added Zombie Class Info Messages ( - Player Stats are now...
  16. Aaron

    I'm back

    Hey guys, As many of you noticed that my computer was broken into and damaged. I ended up buying all the replacements and they just arrived today. I installed new Ram, Graphics Card and power supply. It's up and running again! Expect a update soon! :) For those who don't know what happened...
  17. Aaron

    Gone for a bit..

    Someone broke into my apartment and trashed it. My computer they fucked it up.
  18. Aaron


    b0.75 - Color Changes to nametags and teams - Removed Main Menu. It makes the gameplay better and removes any bugs that it caused. It will return in the future if needed. - Zombie Selection after logging in - Added /createclass - Added /vipinfo - Updated /cmds - Removed Intro Song as it caused...
  19. Aaron


    Yes, I am posting a suggestion myself, but i would like to see what you guys think? I think ZM was bettter when stats were shown like in the first versions of ZM in 2012. What do you think?
  20. Aaron

    Metro Exodus Gameplay