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  1. Yagami

    Bring back the old Skin shop.

    As the tittle says, what do you think if Kitten add the old skin shop? I mean, since the last updates, the current skin shop have few skins to use, and the old one had many, many skins to choose. My suggestion is simple. Bring back the old skin shop. What do you think? What would you like?
  2. Yagami

    Zombie Immunity

    Another suggestion: Well, since there are some maps with high spots, and the players use the cherries to avoid the zombies, but if the humans are in these high spots and they use the cherries, the zombies will be cherried and they will die cause they will fall from a high height. My suggestion...
  3. Yagami

    Yagami's App

    Forum Name: Yagami Ingame Name: yagami Hours Played: 1 hr in this time, in the past I had 40+ hours How old are you: 25 Where are you from: Mexico Why do you want to apply(minimum 180 words): Since pGA is back in a better way, with more power, proyects, players, etc, and the 2 most popular...