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    Let's play CoD! I want the Zombie Mode now! 7.7r

    Let's play CoD! I want the Zombie Mode now! 7.7r
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    Game Server cancellation

    !Oh wow! The time it's here. You will be father in the next weeks. And yes, ZM and SA:MP is dying maybe cause there are some mobile games that are very popular, more that pc games. Congrats for your baby, and your wife. The family is the first, and yes, pGA is our second family and we well be...
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    My App Again

    Dafuk? Why didn't you tell us about you moved to Spain? Whatever. I know you since long time ago, you have experience but you need to do your best. My vote is +1 but you need to be more active and improve about the requirements. Don't dissapoint me, please.
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    Bring back the old Skin shop.

    As the tittle says, what do you think if Kitten add the old skin shop? I mean, since the last updates, the current skin shop have few skins to use, and the old one had many, many skins to choose. My suggestion is simple. Bring back the old skin shop. What do you think? What would you like?
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    Server Down? 👀

    Server Down? 👀
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    How long have you been with pGA

    Well, to be honest I don't remember well the exact time. I joined in SAMP world cause I used to play another online game (Need For Speed World) when I just bought my laptop in decemeber 2011. I had friends in that game and the told me about SAMP, and I played multiplayer with ps3/ps4 with GTA's...
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    USER BANNED! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for bringing this to our attention! User has now been banned & no longer will be a threat. If the...
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    Nada :v

    Kha varga asta pasanda aka?
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    KYC viejo lesbiano

    KYC viejo lesbiano
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    Balayo [TrialMod] Application

    You are one of those who were banned lot of times, caught in ban evades and it's not time to get our trust yet. Sorry but not sorry: -1
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    || Peter || Admin Application ||

    -1 NO, I really don't trust on you. Since you used hacks MANY times.
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    Unban Oakley

    Where is the Screenshot of your GTA directory?
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    Report 5 [Missy]

    @Flaviocesar_Tepotepo Try to change the video to public, maybe this is the problem.
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    Report 6 [[pgA]rayback]

    But this bug only happens when there is a breakable object, And as I know there is not breakable rocks. Lets waif for a explanation of Rayback.